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I haven't written on here in ages.

I have been working (a "normal" job.)
Trying to finish homework.
Making a webcomic.

And sleeping.
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Not where I started froooom.

Anyway. Hey guys.

I got into grad school in San Francisco! Yaaaaay.

So I will be going there in July.

I need to get a job so I can get a desperately needed new computer.
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So many C's o_o

Anyway. I will be there- on Sunday.

It is sad and will be a quick visit but I am a poor person so it is better that I am there less time so I can't spend money- ha-ha-ha.

I am listening to an audio book and they have used the word "curtly" about a thousand times. We'll just say this character is always curt and just leave it at that.

Still working on a book-
and stuff.

And I- am hopefully having surgery in the next two months. Fingers crossed everyone.

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Greetings everyone,

Last night I finally made it all the way home to the Seattle area.

I was so happy to be home I could barely sleep- plus Shameless was new so I had to watch that. I ended up having a super weird awful Shameless dream but I digress.

Hopefully I will be settled soon.
I have to start working on illustration like right away. There is a piece due in about six days for this illustration collective. Anyway. That also is digressing a bit.

I am just frazzled because I am so happy to be home and also because I am nervous about everything I have to get done.
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Last time I journaled I was leaving NYC.

Now I am journaling from Orlando, FL to tell you that I am going to be driving home to Seattle, WA in a few days.

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been sort of on a global tour. Just got back from London a week ago and now I am off again.
I am actually planning on staying home for the next few months. I will get actual art done and finish many projects I have been commissioned to do.

Sometimes I lose sight of illustration and I need to find it again.
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I am a few days shy of being in NYC for six whole months. I am moving back home in 2 weeks because NYC and I are not meant to be.

I will be computer-less for the rest of the time I am here, my grandparents have graciously offered to come get my stuff for me.

Could you guys vote for my sister? Please?

My sister's school is in the running to win some very welcome funding for its Spanish emersion program.

I would love you guys forever if you could go and vote for Naval Avenue over at this website:…

You don't have to log in! Just click the "vote" button and her school is the third row down- the very first one.

You can vote every day if you are really dedicated. : )

Thanks guys.

Maybe I will have something awesome to post when I get to Seattle.
I literally just copied this journal from Caity-Mayhem and then swapped my name for hers.
Hey Everybody!

Caity-Mayheml and I have started a new tumbler called SMUT SATURDAYS! A lovely new place for all of your smut! You know you all draw it.

All smut is welcome, of any race, creed, color, preference, drawing style or denomination! Sketches to master paintings! There will be a new theme each week, and maybe hopefully in the future, we could have a livestream or something else exciting going on on Saturday nights. I've already pestered some great artists to submit their things to make all of my crappy sketches look better, you should go check them out!

OKay. It's not that important but I would love your guys' help. I'm not asking for your money or anything I would just LOVE love love love love for you guys to submit to my new blog/website because no one is and I want it to be swell but the people I've invited are ignoring me.

So I would like to invite all of you, my lovely watchers and people who don't watch me and stalkers and people who don't stalk me.
My lovelies.
To go to:

And submit.
It's like the draw-this-again meme only more- legit. and you answer 3 questions. I'm going to try to get lots of people to do it and get traffic to it from all over. Like agents and reps and people who can afford to buy art.
Let me promote you. Please????


Now I am A Dubious Soul. Like my side tumblr. yaaaaaay.
I see you sitting over there- but I just had to draw these gryphons- yeah- I know.
I'm screwed.
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Oh heeeei guys. How're you?

They finally caught the bastard that hit me with his car. So. Yay.

And school is already murdering me with homework. Isn't that fun?

I am in love with Kid Cudi right now. *_* omg.
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So for those of you who don't know-
I was recently in a collision that was awful and horrible and not my fault at all.
It was a dude in a stolen car trying to outrun a police officer who was tailing him.
He came down a hill at speeds of 55 mph and swerved out of control, he grazed the car in front of me and hit my mother's car. Totaling it. I was driving. I have a shin sized bruise and a faulty shoulder to show for it.

They had to cut him out of the car he was driving.
SO. I thought "oh. they got the SOB"
He went to the hospital for "injuries" and shortly there after WALKED OUT.
He walked out. Seriously?

As a side note:
What did y'all ask for?
This year I am more excited to see other people open their presents than get any.
I got my sisters something awesome.

Happy Holidays everyone <3

Have the new Venture Brother's Christmas Song <3…
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For the birthday wishes and such.
I had an amazing time on my birthday.
The parts that I remember.
It was all a blur really.
I sang Abba and Airsupply-
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Is my birthday and I want to shout it from the mountain top~
because I am just that excited.

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This is honestly the busiest I have been thus far in my life.

Illustration is EVERYWHERE. And is a bit overwhelming.

Hopefully I will have things to share soon!!!!
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Not the song. But it should be fun.

I hope it is fun.

.... god wouldn't let it not be fun.

Sorry my art is so random and- fanarty- lately and not responsible <_<; I should be doing drawings for people.

I apologize.
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Not really... But there will be no Internets in the house I am in.  Sorry guys : (

I can't wait to see all the stuff in my inbox when I get back!!!!
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I don't really care.

Today was turning out so awesome.
Why did it have to end like this?
And ARG.
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I am now part of a group -> :iconmeurtrierssilhouette: <- or MeurtriersSilhouette .

It is a contest group where you get to draw your OC's and things of that nature with a prompt every month.

And if gives you the chance to win fun prizes- like commissions from me and others. So- if you have ever wanted one- this could be a chance : )


On another note:
I have been drawing like mad for another group and working on things for that- and I have been doing personal art- I hope to get some of that posted soon. Something that doesn't suck posted soon.
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My life is very hectic. I will post things when I can.

I am sorry : (